Human suffering

My first chapter on human suffering

We the suffering

From the day of light to the night of nights

We are just a speck of light in a big round world

Coloured with all forms of fantastic emotions

To breath in pure light

Wish that of all

My first chapter

Human suffering

where the night ends and the light begins

where the light ends and the night crawls in

Chaseing eachother like mortel sinners

In the mud in the blood

Dripping in a bath of rose petals

Souls bleeding to the drums of Jacks wishes

Unfitted boots

Unworthy men

Creeping in slowly without a notice

 Not a drop of a pin

Vital signs

Beating in silence

Walk me through a temple of Madness

My hands Gods creation

There is chaos in the air

Breath, Breath, Breath...

The End

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