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A user, is a person who masquerades as a good friend but in ultimate means for themselves, people with an alternative motive for helping you – I’m not going to lie, I am a user of friends, something i'm not to be proud of but I’ll live - there are many types of users where the user can appear to be the victim in a situation for sympathy points or a person after a certain goal for example, taking the someone as above; the domestic dispute.

  A user in the form of a victim will play on the heartstrings of the friend before them trying to get something from them perhaps in the form of an argument/fight with the violent spouse, using this as a smoke screen for their escape from the situation. A user in the form of a friend can be trickier to spot as they take the form of that caring friend against an already vulnerable person it is to put it bluntly ‘Childs play’ a User in the form of a friend will over play the bad points of that violent partnership and will down play the spouse qualities in favour of their own.

Some have been in the situation where you have someone you fancy and they tied down in a dead end bad possibly violent relationship with some jerk/wench but they cannot see how bad things are and that you are their ready and waiting – but stop me that is love and a totally different thing from friendship –but you get the idea of a user in the form of a friend they want something from you or act like things are worse than they are for sympathy points, much like someone who fishes for compliments.

with out much pointing out these are praticly the worst type of friend to have - or in my case, be - they are the easiest to annoy and lose (although to be honest its better when you do lose them), most fussy and to put it bluntly, wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire unless there was something in it for them.

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