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I’m probably going out on a limb here and say you’ve already given friendship a shot and although it Is true you have close friends who you protect and care for in varying amounts if this is the case then you need to wonder where are you on their scale of friends ? Now I wouldn’t recommend flat out asking them as that would be a very good way at alienating people, which is bad and a very quick way ant losing those friends you have. You shouldn’t really have to ask: in our minds we should know who is a good friend,  a user and the generic friend.

A good friend is that person in your life who was almost always there when you needed them. Now this may seem clique but think about it deeply, the person who is a good friend is that person who knows that something’s wrong and will keep asking and comforting you and till the problem is solved. It is obvious that the level of help they can give will change and vary depending on the situation. For example in that case; let’s say you are having an issue with your better half, to put it bluntly a domestic dispute with your other half – this can also be woman on men by the way – a friend who offers to get revenge on your partner is perhaps not the best of friends, however said in a fashion that is obviously a joking tone can help to cheer a person up. A good friend will stick with you to pick you up off your feet but won’t stand as your feet. They’ll offer advice and suggestions but ultimately it is your life and your choices, and despite your choice will stick by you in your decision. Even if they think it is the right one or not. These are the hardest to find but the best to have and hardest to lose.

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