How To Make Friends And Preferably Not Alienate PeopleMature

In short, after going the way of simon pegg in that film he did with a similar title. and succesfully destroying many of my friendships. i had yet another: why the ^%&! not: moments and desided to write a story, well thing-y about howw to make friends and preferably not alienate people ;)

Now if you’re like me - with you reading this, you most probably are – then this will be little more than the most important piece of writing you’ll need to read vigorously and remember it’s teachings from, yes more so then that catholic thing the Bible or indeed those other such similar and terror inspiring tomes that lets be honest don't really help when it comes to making friends.

Off to a flying start with something that has almostly nothing to do with anything, But start with a chuckle thats what i always say.

This small piece – and by small I mean it will probably end up being a million chapters long and be ram filled with ideas – will hopefully help you in making friends and preferably not alienating people.  With luck and good reading abilities I wish you good luck upon your literary journey.

The End

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