A Flash

Every once in a while, lightning will flash.  Sometimes it's during a storm, sometimes the clouds just get angry at each other.  Sometimes, it's pain and desperation, anxiety, sometimes it's just gas.

But other times... Other times, the lighting is a flash of inspiration. A quick glimpse of a portion of your subconscious mind...  You know those times when you want something desperately, but that something doesn't have a name?

Well, when the lightning flashes, inspiration strikes, and you suddenly have this contagious, plague-like thought rummaging through that mess we tend to call our minds.

Suddenly, we have a name for that desire. And then, because lightning doesn't last for more than a second, it's gone. Poof.

I often experience this lightning inspiration.  Like right now:

I want something.  I suppose you could say I want a best friend, that one who's fridge you know better than your own hand.  Or maybe I want my parents to be together, to prove to me that love lasts.  I suppose I do want those things.

But more than that, I want to dream.  I love to dream.  There are negative things to dreaming, and I see that clearer than I see the paint chipping on my wood floors.  But the positive is just so inviting, so compelling, that my curiosity gets the best of me...

Are you wondering what the downside of dreaming is?  Well, for many, dreams are just that... A dream. Something nice to look at, very elegant and sleek, but slippery as well... Even if you get to touch it, see it, it slips away in a flash.

For a rare few though, the dreams are not only visible, they're conceivable.  Maybe not rational, but definitely able to come true.  But it doesn't just happen.

It takes a lot of effort to dream.  Don't let this scare you away though.  Dreaming is a beautiful thing.  Because if we're committed, if we're determined and crazy enough to dream a dream, it can come true.

Hopefully, the lightning will inspire you to make a dream.

The End

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