How the Capulet's and Montague's hated each other

A very very long time ago, when the land was ruled by president Snowballs, he created a game to keep the bases set aside and to create justice by making the kids fight to the death, but when one person brings down the whole empire and shoots snowball, there is a fight for food and survival. Two families have held out this far, the Montagues and the Capulets. Both families helped the other one out, sharing food and other resources until one day, a Capulet finds a donkey on the Montagues land. The Capulet runs back home and tells everyone of the betrayal. “ This whole time we have been lacking food, but yet sharing it with the Montagues, while they have been harboring enough for for days!!” The Capulets decide to confront the Montagues about the donkey later that day during water collecting.  Capulet to a Montague “ Have you ever seen a donkey before boy?” The young Montague responds “ um I think I seen a few wild ones over the hill a few hours ago” the Capulet follows the montague’s raised arm and looks onto a hill in the distance. The capulet sees some shadowed figures on all fours eating something off the ground.  After thinking for several moments the capulet retorts “ So you have acquired a whole heard of them huh… When have you guys had time to do this?!? Betraying us by hiding food that could have fed those who died from starvation” *gives an angry glance at the Montague who looks confused and stunned* “ What do you mean sir capulet? They appeared around two hours ago, what were we supposed to do?!?” “ well montague, you certainly could have let us know that there was a food source near by!! I knew your family was no good from the start!! This just proves it!!” The capulet walked back to the house and reported his findings to the family. The capulets became enraged and stormed onto the Montague’s land with the intent of bloodshed. The head of the Capulets walks  up to the head of the Montagues and spits. “ You kept food from the family that shared everything with you. Gave up our own people to help yours, and now this. Now you keep a food supply that would last ages from us… I can’t believe the betrayal. But seriously though guys, where did you even find a Donkey, let alone a heard of them?!?” Sir montague looks at the capulet with confusion and raises his arms in frustration “ I don’t even know what you are talking about!!!” The Capulet raises his arm and points to the hill with the shadowed figures. Montague pulls his gaze from the capulet and strains his sight onto the hill. The shadowed figures had vanished and all that remained was lush green hill.  Exasperated, Montague exclaims “ there are no figures on that hill. There is nothing there and your lies are wearing my patience thin”  The enraged capulet strikes the Montagues face causing him to stumble to the ground. The montagues oldest son attacked the capulet and rushed him to the ground, sitting on his chest delivering blow after blow until the capulet becomes limp.  “ YOU MURDERED MY FATHER!!” The capulets son attacks the Montague's son and all hell breaks loose. The Montagues charge at the capulets and start fighting each other. During all the cayos the nearby hears of donkeys strolls past all of the fighting and onto the clear stretch of field beyond. Whatever was left of the capulets and Montagues walked back to their own side.  Today, it is 50 years later, and the feud continues. The Capulets hating the montagues for not sharing the donkey, and the Montagues hating the Capulets for saying such an impossible thing.  The moral to the story, Always punch someone over false intel.


The End

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