There are some many guides on the market about how to write a book, it's always refreshing to see something different. It occurred to me that there are, of course, none tailored for the kind of writing we communally do.
It's like a self-help guide for Protagonize!

Whilst looking for an appropriate 'school book' to buy with a school token, I recently picked up a book entitled 'How Not to Write a Novel'. Aside from the fact that there was a kitten on the front, it immediately caught my attention as a writer. There are many books out there on how to write a novel, but very few picking up on the mistakes and, basically, extrapolating and working backwards to give writers an idea of where they're going wrong.

As I started reading, too, I noticed that the book didn't exactly take itself all that seriously - and some of the examples were indeed ridiculous pieces of writing!

So, I had the idea that we could, as a Protagonize community, come together to create a similar sort of 'self-help' guide - but, this time, tailored directly to the way we write collaborative stories on Protagonize. This encompasses anything that is in writing mode 'collaborative', from straightforward role-plays, to writing as the same character, to add-ventures that spiral off into different storylines.

I've put my first idea on the next page, and would much appreciate it if other writers added their ideas.


The End

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