Playing House

James was a rather social "boy" once in Redwater. He... she got along with most of the girls fairly nicely. The boys seemed weird to her. How they played and what not seemed alien and weird.

James would mostly draw paintings--but note that they never turned out looking decent. James would play house with the girls. Some how always being roped into being a wife, or a servant. Though never a husband. She was a wife quite a few times to her memory. A cook a few times. A servant a few other times.

She never got to play the kid in house.

When playing with her friends, she would generally love playing with the other girls dolls. Between My Little Pony, Barbie and what not--it was fairly fun. Her parents had gotten her toy cars, Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters dolls.

She would enact large soap opera dramas that required all the toys to be left in their position of where they were last time, so that the story could be resumed next time.

She did not get how the boys did not do that. They mostly just banged them together and made noises. No, she had her toys try to be social with the Shredder and other villains. However they were rude doodiheads when the heroes were nice to them. So they'd enter into a huge choreographed fight. Filled with many plot points for the heros to know their inner selves, and possibly redeem the bad guys.

All at the level of understanding a five year old has of how the world works and operates. Most of it, was worse than the majority of sprite comics and fan fiction entries on the internet. However, she was not subjecting anybody else to it.

Though, James did make an enemy in this time. One that she forgot why she fought with her. James and Dawn were at Sarah's birthday. They had both brought the same present... and the response was almost exactly the same as if they were wearing the same dress.

Except, they never seemed to resolve that. James and Dawn got along fairly decent prior to this. They were enemies from now on because of this.

Give James a break. She was five, and forgot, for many years why she started fighting with Dawn.

James enjoyed Play school--and easily passed. There was no top the class. It was Play School... just for fun. She did however, nearly get held back in Kindergarten. Her teacher thought she was too short. Suggested that so Henry (what she insisted on calling James) could get more physical with the other boys in her class.

Though, James was irritated at needing a favourite colour. Why did she need one? They were all good. Choosing one out seemed rather silly. Pretty much all the boys were going with blue. Most of the girls seemed to be choosing pink. A few chose rainbow. Bloody indecisive bastards. Rainbow is not a colour--it is all of the colours.

James had no interest in blue. She did however, like pink. Though, her father did not seem to approve. James would be too girly. Which she would have to wait until after she turned eighteen and moved to college to do that stuff.

James chose red to be her favourite colour. Because it was as close to pink as she could manage, and get away without issues.

She did not end up getting held back. Next year, she would end up entering into Grade 1. A year that would star a fair amount of conflict for her life.

The End

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