How James Died

A biography of a friend that I know well. She kind of has had a very interesting life--and it would help quite a few to share it.

James is a rather odd name for a girl, wouldn't you think? I mean--nobody would look at the name James and think "this is girl". It did not help that her gender was legally male from birth--and people expected her to act male.

Though, her mom had a rule, "you live under my house, you live by my rules."

So it was okay--I mean, after she moved out (preferably at the age of 18--maybe 16 if she could really rush through school), she would be more than free to be a girl. It is not like it would be that hard after she moved out, right? -- this was something she still remembers her view on how this sort of thing works on her first day of kindergarten.

The End

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