How far we've come

A song about the importance of ancestors and freedom.

Verse 1

The world is a dangerous place

But we will learn,

Learn to follow, learn to lead. We will be set free!

They were everything that we are… and now following their path will take us far!


(Will take us far)

Do you follow the shadows?     Can you even hear?

This is where were from, and this is who were meant to become…

They’ve taken us this far     and you don’t even care!

If you believe

Than learn to lead and plant our next seed…

you know who you are     and you know how far we have come

Verse 2

You weren’t meant to be here…

But you can’t live in fear,

Why can’t you see this is your future    this is what you need

Show me your faith and grow, grow farther than we have ever known

And show me you can keep us safe.

Pre chorus

If you believe   than learn how to lead

Sprout a new tree of life     one you can’t live without….

Chorus 2

Do you follow the shadows?  Can you even breathe?

The sunset is up, and now everything has been seized

If you believe   than learn how to lead

Plant our next seed

(You know who you are)

(You know who we are)

Together:  together this is what we have become!!!!! Together this is what we have become!!!


Give us all back our last remaining hope.    don’t let us fall Into our grave.

Our legacy lies just beneath the seed in your hands.

It’s the last thing u will ever need.


The End

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