How Far Hate Will Take UsMature

The Holocaust was an horrific time where millions where killed just for hate. People still haven't changed, and hate crimes still continue today. To respect everyone, I have displayed the horrors of a morden concentration camp with the use of 'genetically inhanced human beings'.


"This is the end" thought Samuel. He no longer had to be the guards favourite and have to be hungry or be in pain for hours and hours. He could give up. The blood was pouring out of his head, his rip cage hurt, and he's left leg felt heavy. Suddenly Samuel could feel his camp uniform trousers being pulled down, he's head hurt to much to look. 

"Pretty Freak is half dead....he lasted fourteen years, longer then anyone." said the guard.

"Shame. Oh well no one lasts forever." said the other guard. 

"I have lasted....I have....I stand a chance of getting away." Samuel thought. "I just need to get up....after the guards are done."

The End

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