How Do I Feel?

How do I feel?
How do you feel?
I have a feeling that you feel
something that appeals to you.
And whether or not
that something is cold or hot,
you feel it,
because that's how you feel.
How do I feel?
I feel that we have these feelings
that keep us from breathing at night
because our dreams choke us so tight,
that we almost forget that feeling
of feeling our knees kneeling on the ground
while looking up at the cieling.
We pray to whomever it may concern,
to whomever cheek may be turned
when it is slapped- attacked from the back.
How do you feel,
when you wake up and to your surprise,
I'm a mile away in sunglasses disguise?
Whether or not my heart feels cold or hot,
I have a feeling that I will be weilding not
a treaure stealing my knees from beneath me,
because these feelings have left me,
and I'm finally feeling free.

The End

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