How Can You Still Stand, With Those Knives That Deep In Your Back?



Every single one of them, a traitor
But the experiences a girl takes, make her

Make her

Build you up, darling, make you strong
For you have waited too long

Too long

Waiting is a burden we hate
And for them it will be too late

Too late

Soon they will all come to an end
Against our revenge they won't defend 


Build a wall and never let us in
Think that that's the way to win


Success is not what they made
They can't just wait for us to fade 

To fade

The scars will heal, but never go away
One day you'll hope but not today


Amazed at the way you stand it all
All the ways they try to make you fall

Make you fall

Trip you up and then they go and laugh at you
The things they say, but they aren't true

They aren't true

Lies, don't believe them, walk on past
I'm sure they really will not last

Will not last

Soon they will get bored and leave you alone
Then you will be able to walk on home 

Walk on home

Dodge insults, side to side you strafe
Even there you find yourself unsafe


You trust nobody anymore
After they all knocked you to the floor


Every single one of them, a traitor

The End

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