Certain people aren't content to sit idle and wait for life to get better. They are driven by the desire to do something, because an act of compassion towards this troubled world resonates, touches the seemingly hopeless and misunderstood, one way or another.
Certain people are sick of empty promises and blatant lies, and want positive change to be a reality.
We could BE these people. Some of you probably are already, but to those of you who think they can't, think again.

For those who have wandered the bleakest, loneliest valleys of depression, endured sleepless nights in tears.

For those who are outraged at the evil humanity is capable of while still loving us for the the good we can do.

For those who live in an emotional shadow world because a broken heart seems too dangerous to bear.

I may not know you personally, but I understand your pain.

For those callously betrayed, stepped on, ignored, used for someone else's gain, harmed just because some monster felt like it, you may have felt alone then, and you may feel alone now.

But no matter how desolate that valley, there is someone out there looking for you, someone who would do anything to to make the pain end. Strangers you owe nothing to but would nonetheless like to show you that darkness is not all there is. Strangers who are often hard to notice against a backdrop of clever mimics and agonizing illusions.

Shrouded forms carrying a lantern, a beacon of what we could  be. There are so many of them gliding through this world and out of it without even a chance to say goodbye. You may hear of them once in a while in the news, as a brief reprieve from the despair, but they are often the ones you meet at your weakest moments, the ones who rescue when disaster and tragedy strikes, the ones who strive for justice and beauty in some strange spot beneath the eye of the storm, the ones who comfort when there's no one else to hear what your heart says.

Throughout your harrowing journey you may lose hope in their existence. You might dismiss things like a better world  as well-meaning but ultimately childish fantasy, because after all, cynicism rules the world. And therefore these people don't exist, or they're not powerful enough to change anything.

But they are there, and deep down, you are one of them.

They remind us that we should not just roll over and let tyrants take over, that our purpose is more than surviving, breeding, and dying.

For those who prayed and prayed for God to come to the rescue, only to finally conclude that it is not up to Him, or it, to fix what humanity has broken, or that the plan is too vast for finite minds to understand. I hear you.

I have been there. Not an exact duplicate of your situation, but close enough to understand. There are minds with no regard for other lives besides their own, minds alien to you and me. Minds that would destroy the world just to hear its dying screams, or sacrifice it for their own power. The problem is we think those minds have won.

But, they haven't unless you give in and give up.  Don't.

The End

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