I skip the rocks over the lake

Wondering what’s on the other side.

Could there be someone like me

Wondering if someone is wondering too?

But I’ll never know, being stuck on an island,

With only the company of animals for most of the months.

I turn around and walk back into the forest

Listening to the sound of the birds and tree rodents

Cawing, squawking, chattering and hissing.

I don’t miss the day to day interactions ,

Of the human world.

Instead I get peace and quiet,

And the endless time for reading.

I hear the sound of a large animal walking beside me,

I look down and find a gray wolf walking next to me.

I don’t flinch, scream or fight the canine.

But merely accept that it’s here and continue walking.

It happens when you grew up with the animals

That couldn’t get themselves here.

Instead they were brought here as babies

And raised by me.

Knowing that I would never hurt them,

And in doing so they don’t need or have to hurt me.

I walk up to the small cottage I call home.

I pass a doe with her fawns and into the house.

It smells of pines, vanilla and rain.

Like my mother before me I will stay here until I can marry.

It has been something that my mother’s family has done.

To “protect” us girls from being influenced by the world.

For we must live in the outside world so that our uncontrollable powers can’t harm.

Can’t harm others from feeling too much.

 For if others feel too much then they fight.

But what does it matter? I argued once.

Humans always feel too much and they always fight!

My father slapped my face and told me that it wasn’t important and I didn’t need to know.

Since it was a man’s job to worry and for a girl and a woman’s job was to do house hold things.

He said that everything would make sense once I got married.

I don’t plan on it.

I plan on changing how things are done

I won’t let the protection that people try to put on top of me stop me.

The End

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