My Life

I feel the wind run over my skin

Caring the scent of fear and hot blood

I slowly raise my bow

And pull back the string at the same time

Knowing that any fast moves would alert the enemy.

I wait for a couple of deep breath and then release

An inhuman scream splits the air

I quickly reload and fire again and again

Finally the screaming stops.

I jump down from the branch

And land cat like on the ground

I walk home and gently open the door

Not knowing if my father is home yet

I walk into the kitchen and find a warm mug of tea

Smiling I pick it up and walk up stairs into my room.

After I drain the contents I quickly change into my pjs and slip into bed

But in my dreams the inhuman screams increase as the dream continues

Waking up at four am I can’t sleep anymore.

I’m used to it. After all it’s what a hunter must do.

Hunt, endure the pains and still lead a normal looking life.

I dress and spend three hours reading about the monsters that I hunt

Then I go to school enduring all the comments

All about how I look like I just came from the underworld.

If only you knew what lurks in the shadows I want to say.

But remain silent since having humans know what goes on

In the dark causes more problems than it’s worth.

I go home, do homework and then catch up on sleep.

And all the while my father hasn’t come home.

Then as soon as the Lord Sun goes down and the Lady Moon comes up I leave

To once again fight the horrors that roams our world.

A hopeless, never ending battle that must go on.

Until there is ether no world to protect

Or my kind has died out.

May it be the first.

The End

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