Seeing the Light

I have walked every where

Doing sinful things and never doing right

I have tread that darken road where

The Devil’s voice is calling.

I have seen the rich and the poor

I have seen the hungry women and the pot belly men.

I have caused many men to lose all their money

And I have used it for my own gain.

I have done every bad except for killing

Since my stomach can’t handle blood.

But I have never done anything good.

Until the day when I saw two young men

Walking down the road with a light right around them.

There stark white shirts stand out against the gray stone building

Their smiles, almost always, were getting a smile in return.

I followed them from a distance off and I watched in wonder

How a little bunch of rag tag kids run up to them.

They both called out each child by their name.

As well as asking how they were doing.

The children smiling all replied,

“Doing well. How about you Brother Castillo and Brother Chin-Woo?”

They both said that they were fine and then went along their way.

I watched them go and looked down at myself.

What I saw was a dark aura around myself

I knew that I wanted to be like the men in white shirts.

Day after day I watched for them,

Hopping that I would see them again.

For about a week I didn’t see them.

Until one day I caught them walking in a park.

I started to run towards them yelling,

“Hey you in the white shirt!”

They turned around with question on their face.

When I finally caught up to them they asked what they could do for me.

Breathless I asked them why they were filled with light.

They replied that their spirit was full of the truth and that if I was interested to learn about their church.

I said “Why not.” And we agreed to meet back here in the park by the pond the next day.

The next day they told me that they were from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Or more commonly the Mormon Church.

They soon taught me the lessons

At the end of four months I was baptized

As a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The End

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