The Witch Sinking

by Sabrina Maurer

They came in the middle of the night for me

Yowling and cryin’

“Burn the witch Freya!!”

What could I do when they tied me up

And lead me straight to the City Hall?

I couldn’t do anything.

I just had to let them do  whatever they want

As long as I could plead guilty

No one would be trying to light me up.

When they brought me into the City Hall

I listened to the couple of accusations

Which I knew where all true

But they were from the past.

An since then I have made amends

For the things I have done.

I fall on my knees and plead guiltless.

No one will listen and they say my punishment is drowning

What? What happened to the fire?

Then the head council man stood and told everyone

That witches sink while normal people float

I then see what I should have seen

These people are fools! I could easily trick them

But then again while I am under water I can hold my breath

For what is there to hold me back from this dismal place?

Not a thing.

So I kick and I scream

While they drag me into the river

They throw me in and I sink to the bottom

Holding my breath I swim farther down stream

Knowing that the humans would go down this way

As I travel further and further

I plan on where I can go now.

Surly France, they could always use a witch.

Why not England? They never have enough.

The End

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