One day

One day I'll say sorry

to someone who had hurt  me long ago

but for right now, I can't

since I'm still hurting

One day I'll be the best person

but it's going to take a while

since I'm not even

a good person

One day I'll tell only the truth

but for now I can't

since there are some lies

that I'm still holding onto

One day I'll tell my parents

about that boy who stool my heart

But not today

since they more then likely

wont approve of us

One day I'll tell him yes

when he gets down on his knee

and asks me to marry him

but only after he's gone on his mission

One day I'll ask if he wants children

and if he says yes

then our love will bring a child

who will give us both pleasure and headaches

One day I'll have to go back

to the place I was before I came to earth

but that will be right after my husband

since I won't be able to live with out him

One day

I'll be the best I have ever been.

The End

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