Cell Phone stare

A quiet Tap, tap, tap, beep.

Goes the sound of the red and black Nokia in my hand.

The teacher looks up

as if he heard a question.

But it's the sound of a phone ringing out an alarm

of a text received.

I look around to see who's phone it is.

It's the prep with the curly auburn hair

and an attitude of the "I rule the school."

I slip my phone inside my long sleeve shirt

as the large teacher waddles over to her

and asks for her phone.

She gives him the evil eye

as she hands him her pink phone.

A few people snigger at this but are sighently quieted

by the teachers icy stare. 

"Get back to your math homework"

he grunts and waddles back to his desk.

The rest of the kids go back to math

But I pull out my Nokia and text to a friend,

math sucks.

 A moment later

no, English sucks.

I text her back

they both do.


The End

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