The Kiss

I remember the kiss.

The kiss that made me think.

"Do I really love you?"

The kiss was all in a dream.

You tackled me right to the ground.

I fought you as you raised the dagger.

Then I was on top of you.

I got hold of the dagger.

I held it over your heart and looked.

It wasn't a dagger it was a butter knife.

You knocked the butter knife out of my hand and I kissed you

I felt you kiss me back and your arms go around me.

 We stayed like that for five seconds.

Then I broke away.

You looked up at me and smiled.

Then you pulled me down into another kiss.

This time we stayed like that for a minute.

I put my arms around your neck and I was in love.

But then the dream broke apart and I woke up.

I still can feel  your kiss even to this day.


The End

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