Hard time


All I ever did was make you angry.

I only brought contentment into this home.

I would get enraged and yell at you all.

Then you would get mad and say that you wanted to hit me.

At times I wanted you to hit me.

Just to feel that the pain was on the outside too.

But you never hit me and I never lost that anger inside of me.


We got into another fight.

But this time you said that I should just be left alone

And that no one should talk to me.


Well thanks for that.

It really help me.

It helped me to realize that it would be better to hit me

So I could feel the pain on the outside.


Thanks so much for being that person to help me realize

That what ever I do, it’s not good enough for you.


So from now on I’ll just try not to do anything.

But I’ll still try to get good grades and do what’s right in school.

I’ll be nicer to the other students and be quieter for the teachers.

But whenever I get home, I’ll try to just stay quiet and calm.


So that you wont have to say anything to me.

And so that I’ll just slowly slip away.


But I wont kill my self.

No, I’m just to scare to go that far.

But I’ll erase my voice and my dreams

And when I get the chance I’ll just walk out of the house.


I’ll take a walk outside and walk around town.

I wont say where I’m going.

‘Cause I know that you’ll try to stop me.


So just let me say

It was really fun when we had our fun moments

But now it’s time to say



The End

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