It was a normal Saturday morning trying to count this money that my boo Rodney had just brought in. One thing I love about him is that he brings home the money and the sex was priceless but I needed more. Rodney is slipping and I need a new nigga to come and take care me. Don't get me wrong Rodney did his part but I just need more from him. Hey I have to admit I am a greedy bitch but someone needs to take care of me. 

"Baby!" He yelled.

"Yeah?" I said still have my eyes glued onto the hundred stacks in my hand. 

"Can you make me something to eat damn a nigga been working all night and you can't find the heart to make me something to eat." He said 

Rodney was six' four with nice fade hair cut and tatoos all over his arms and a nice built body. And those nice pink lips that I love to kiss and eat me out with. His light skin complextion  brings out his brown soft eyes.

" Ok baby i'll make you something in the kitchen." I said putting the money down at the coffee table and headed to the kitchen.

 I made him a plate of eggs and bacon with some grits still hot on the pot. One thing that Rodney love is that I can throw down in the kitchen. 

As I flip some pancakes in the pan I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my wasit and it was Rodney as he tried to kissing in the neck made chills go down my spine. 

"Morning baby are you ready to eat.?" I asked.

"Yep." He said and put on top of the counter.

As he took of my shorts and spread my legs apart and began to my pussy out I 've began to moan and groan. It felt so good how he can eat like that. I pushed his head in further as I felt his toungue going inside and then I've began to come. I was gasping for air as he was finishing. He put me back down and a pulled my shorts back up. 

"Baby that felt so good." I said kissing him and tasting the sweetness of his mouth.

"And you taste good too." He said.

"Well here"s  your plate baby eat up." I said placing it into the table.

"Thanks baby." Rodney  said. 

Me and Rodney had been together for about three years and proposed to me on Valentines day. He is always treating me like a queen and apreciate it but lately he been slipping. Coming home late, bringing little of money I feel like I needed more. I'm the type of bitch that is greedy and that needs to be taken care of. I'm only 5' 7 and had grown into a chest and a onion that is so big niggas take a second glance at me to see if its real. And I have nice Long curly hair and amazing hazel eyes. I can get any nigga if I want to but I choose to be with Rodney for a while than I'm back on the market. 

 As Rodney was eating up his breakfast I went back to the living room and count the money again. If only I have a ballar or a rich cat then I won't be in this crappy house I would be in a mansion and don't have to lift up a finger. 

I was raise in Brooklyn me and Mama having a hard time making money since daddy left. Like he ever came to my life anyway. I never knew who he was because when I was little I never seen him and mama didn't mention about him either. I remember when I was five me and mama had to live in a one bedroom apartment that has rats running around and roches all over the place. The place was disgusting that I would sleepover at my friend Tamia's house most of the time.

Tamia's house was basically my second home since mama do most of the time is go out to work or party. But her mama kicked me out one time when she had find out the I was smoking a joint at her house. Mama was a strong women and very independent that is until she was laid off by her job. It was a bad time to lay anyone off because with all the bills piling up and need to buy some food and shit. Mama tried begging realitives for money it was either they don't have any or that they don't have much. And it force her to become a prositute. She fucks with random guys just to make a quick dollar enough though she earns money she didn't use it wisely. Than she began to on drugs and selling it.

It seem as though I lost her to the streets and that would made me cry jsut wondering what she was doing and that if she was alright. One night she was arguing with her man and next thing you know she kick me out of the house and her new man took my place.

"Baby if you love me you have to chose your daughter or me." He said to her.

 As she came to my room she told me the news and how she was just going to kick me out. I begged her to stay but she drag myself out of the bed and told me to pack up my shit.

"No! mama please where am I going to go?" I screamed and cried.

"Baby you can go to your grandmothers house or stay at your friends house." She said.

"Mama please can I stay." I said

But she already back my bags and kicked me out.

I was in the streets late at night carrying a bag of my clothes and still wearing my sleeping gown. And that when I saw a black lexus pulling up towards me.

"You need a ride." He asked.

At first I was hesitant about going but it was no use so I just went into the car. As he drove off he kept looking at me and notice that I was crying.

"Whats wrong?" He asked

" Mama kicked me me out." I cried

"Aw that some mess up shit." He said. "Well where do you want me to take you?" he asked.

" I don't know..I don't have no place to go." I said.

"You can chill at my house for a bit." He said

"Ummm ok." I said.

"Names Rodney by the way."

"Kendra." I told him

The End

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