Hood RichMature

A story about Four young ladies trying to survive in the streets of Brooklyn. Being caught with the same Notorious hustler. The dangerous game of street life and drugs will finally catch up to them. Loyalty will be put to the test and the ambition of money and power. Who will escape the crossfire of the drug game.


The two things in life is money, power and respect and loyalty. Once your a survier in the streets you need all these things to survive. The mean cruel street doesn't matter if your black, white, chinese, or hispanic it doesn't matter who you are once your in the hustlers game there is no one out. Commit to your words and don't be no two face bitch saying one thing and does the other. That shit can get you kill in the blink of an eye.  There two things in life that characterized a human being. Real or Fake. A real person is some whose commits to their word and stay true and loyal to each other. And someone who isn't afraid of doing the hell they wanted. And there is also Fakes who say one thing and does the other and end up sorry at the end. Better be safe safe than sorry.

The End

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