Baptism By Flames - A Flashback.

They descended, their brilliant wings illuminated as the light punctured the slits between the feathers. He had always admired their wings when compared to his own. He was told he'd have to wait to grow up before his wings would possess the same radiant flair but he didn't want to have to wait. He was impatient. They landed by his feet and his mother held in her beak a giant Froxs Worm that she must have snatched from one of the tree branches. Homura stretched out his neck and caught it in his own beak gracefully. He couldn't stop himself from vocalising a sonorous squeal of excitement upon devouring the meal. It was delicious after all. But, it wasn't like he couldn't find his own food. He was perfectly capable. He was just a bit clumsy sometimes... That's all. He stretched his young wings and attempted to fly up on to the branch some twenty feet above. He overshot it and ended up having to grip it with his feet, at which point he swung around completely and ended up hanging there upside down. His parents tweeted in stifled laughter as he righted himself and flew down gently, unable to hide his happiness to be back on ground level once more. He would have to learn to survive for himself eventually. But, that day was not today. 

He jumped upon his father's back and held on with his talons. His father, once his mother had jumped and flown high in to the sky in a strong bound, launched himself upwards. He angled his body to point Homura forwards to enable him to see the absolutely magnificent sunrise that illuminated the sky in every colour imaginable and sent waves rippling through the sky like the most beautifully coloured fish in the clearest water. It was at that moment that the leaves flew from the trees and encircled them there and Homura caught one in his beak and blew a tinkling tirade of melodious notes through the slits in the sides. He puffed through his nose and caused the leaf to float off, undulating down and being endlessly ushered by the breeze. He was in awe of the skies and all the lifeforms and shrapnel of lifeforms that dwelt in it, dancing dubiously to the subtle rhythm of the pulse of nature. 

He was flying with a fluidity and swiftness that no leaf could hope to mimic now. He flew through the clouds as if they did not exist at all, as if they were merely illusions playing their skits on the mind. He flew amongst seeds from miscellaneous trees, multiple shades and colours and intensities. So many varying colours amongst the skies that it made his head swim. The seeds attached themselves to the creatures flying carelessly throughout the skies and turned dim, having acquired their target. All of the creatures that had now become a carrier knew not to eat of these seeds themselves. They would eventually perch on the ground and dislodge the seeds to allow smaller, more earthbound creatures to partake of them. Or, they would personally plant them, bringing life to a new tree or plant and aiding the continuous cycle of rebirth and renewal. 

The End

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