Homura - A Prologue.

The newly appointed High Priest of Japonica's wood nation is not feeling the thrill of the job. Nor is he all together confident. But what will soon rest on his shoulders will force him to change all of that for the better. But, is he up to the task? http://www.facebook.com/JaponicaOfTheFiveSuns

"So you'll take on the job?!" One Salii sounded especially euphoric this balmy Japonican morning as he walked the foliage that precipitated one of the great cliffs. 

 " Your connection with the great Creator is a power that is few and far between! With the as of yet unexplained and unexpected death of our previous leader, you are the only one suitable for the job!"  

The other Salii stared up unto the grandeur of the almighty purple skies. He seemed to be dreaming, mesmerised in a miasma of memories.

"I'm not perfect myself. I have sinned a multitude of times in the past. But, the beauty of this world beckons to me. The trees and the foliage in contrast to the magnificent skies. Perhaps, once in a very long while when the breeze stands stagnant and the fragrant bouquet of scents are particularly poignant, things can be overlooked..." He seemed to resurface from his quandary of wonder and turned to once again face his cohort in conversation. "It saddens me to witness a world with such potential regress into something so unmentionable...  With that, the clouds opened up and released the sunbeams like the most transcendent waterfall upon the land below. 

 The world was slowly moving into a new age. The age of Homura would soon be upon it. The world was going to experience an almighty change. Whether that is for better or for worse cannot as of yet be clarified. All that is known is that it will be a monumental movement that will change the world forever. 

The End

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