The mirror was full-length and hanging on a wall beside the bed. My eyes squinted as bright orange-gold daylight hit them. It was streaming in from between frilly drapes hanging on the window. “It must be sunrise.” I thought, instinctively turning my head from the glare.

Sitting up, my head went somewhere else for a split second causing me to wobble a little. The sunlight bounced off the mirror and onto another wall, revealing a hallway and a bathroom just across it. The door was open to this bed room.

Feeling more centered and stronger, I stood. The feeling of being able to fully control one’s legs and old reliable feet swept over me and I smiled a little as I took a couple of steps toward the bathroom.

As I arrived at the doorway, I paused for some seconds, first looking both ways up and down the hallway and then listening intently for any trace of another person. No hint of any sound came from anywhere that was indicative of anyone else’s presence. I seemed to be alone.

Head throbbing, I crossed the hall and into the bathroom; closing and then locking the door. It was a flimsy hollow bathroom door but it felt good to lock it and I felt a little more secure behind it.  

I was able to more fully take stock of my condition from the bathroom mirror. Vanity was never something I’ve ever had much of. I’m not a primping type of person. I don’t watch music videos and then buy or wear the latest fashions in makeup, hair or clothing; but I must admit to feeling a twinge of relief and vanity as I realized I looked pretty fit and well for a person who had just been somehow drugged and then falling. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Opening them again, I saw rusty blonde hair that was a bit tussled. “That will be combed out easily” I told myself.  

I felt another twinge and a shudder came from my stomach as I also realized the person in the mirror was naked, except for panties. I glanced at the locked door and shrugged. “Well I might as was well get cleaned up a little and get the hell out of here.” I thought to myself.

Warm water came from the faucet and I was grateful for it. I cupped my hands and with them threw several warm tsunamis onto my dirty face; dislodging gum and washing away any sidewalk grime picked up the day before. There was a bar of soap lying there. I smelled it and it smelled good and clean; so I used it freely getting all of me as clean as possible; as quickly as possible. Even though there was a shower right next to the sink, I didn’t feel confident enough to use it. The towels on the rack looked and smelled clean as well and so I used one and quickly dried myself.

It only took minutes to wash. From time to time, I paused to listen and seek out any sound that might tell me I wasn’t alone – but I never heard one. “Maybe I can find my clothes and get out of here before running into anyone.” I thought as I hung up the towel. If I couldn’t find my clothes, I’d have to use a couple of towels or rummage through the house for any clothing I could use.

I examined the mirror. It opened with a tug on the left side revealing a fully stocked medicine cabinet. Among the usual bathroom products and utensils stored on the small shelves were a large comb and a prescription pill bottle. As soon as I spotted the bottle I grabbed it; examining the printed information. “Gibbons, Lisa” I read out loud. “hmm. and what are you taking Lisa?” I asked the air.  Ramelteon..” I pronounced the word slowly, knowing my pronunciation was most probably incorrect. “Take one tablet before bedtime.”   

At least I have a name.” I thought, as I used the comb; sliding it through my hair. A couple of slow pulls at first and then finishing with a couple of quick jabs. I took one last look in the mirror, “That’ll do for now.” I said and turned again to the door sealing my silent refuge.

I opened the door slowly and as quietly as possible, peering up and then down the hallway and listening. Nothing. I slipped quickly into the bedroom and looked around. I looked for a phone and in the process, discovered an easy chair in the corner of the room. Lying on the seat of the chair were my clothes; neatly folded and stacked. Someone had taken the time to do this - someone not around right now.  Thank goodness!” I said out loud. Grabbing my shirt, I pulled it quickly over my head and down to my hips. Next came the jeans; with me holding them up and examining them before quickly slipping into them. No stains, no rips. As I hopped up and down getting my legs into my jeans, I noticed my shoes were next to the chair. Sitting down in it; I slipped each one on.   

Cautiously going down the hall, toward what seemed like the front of the dwelling, I passed by another bedroom, a laundry room and out into a large room with a kitchen on one side and a living room adjacent. There were pictures hanging on the walls. There were cookbooks and canisters in the kitchen, and magnets on the refrigerator. A pang of hunger hit me; but I didn’t feel it was safe to take the time to investigate what there might be to eat. .

I finally spied a phone sitting on an end table next to a large over-stuffed chair; but it occurred to me that because I didn’t know where I was, I couldn’t very well tell someone else. I needed to get going and felt an urge to do so as quickly as possible.

Just as I spotted a front door and took a step toward it, I heard a rustling sound, someone saying “Get back! You can’t come in here!” and the door flew open. There was a woman coming through the portal. Her back toward me, arms full to the brim with grocery bags, she was using her foot, trying to keep a kitten from coming through the door with her.  

The End

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