Lost In Translation

I was babbling now, feeling strange; my feet moving sideways and there was nothing whatsoever to be done about it. Whatever they put in my drink was hitting me hard and I winced in pain as my shoulder smashed into a steel No Parking sign that appeared suddenly out of nowhere.

Swaying backward-ish and someway left-ish, I giggled just a little at the though of my babbling - up here, down there. Which way was up here any way?. HA! That was somehow very funny.

With that, I just partially realized I was now on my knees looking at old black gum that had long ago been spit out onto the sidewalk and since flattened by so many shoes. Shoes of all kinds! Tennis shoes, leather shoes, high heels,….. “Wow! That gum has been there a long time.”, I thought laughingly as my face hit the sidewalk and the gum. It was only the second face the gum had ever seen…. Daylight was consumed by darkness as my eyes went shut and internal lights went out…

The End

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