homeless Jesus

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you did for Me.
~Matthew 25:40

Jesus doesn't smell very good.
I ought to know; I hugged Him yesterday.
At first, I brushed him off as I
rushed off and
hushed the Voice that told me to stop.
I never thought of Jesus as a one-legged man
in a wheelchair in the center of Chicago
In fact -- I never really thought of Jesus until awhile ago.
But yesterday, I pressed a Bible in his hand with a ten-dollar bill
said, "I don't have much cash, but here's what I have
and I want you to know Jesus Loves you."

His eyes filled with tears and he reached out
and gave me the sincerest hug I've ever received
And I'll tell you what,
his whiskers rubbed hard against my face
He clearly hadn't shaved in days
And I felt them for hours afterward --
Not because of disgust, but because of the way he kept saying
"God bless you, God bless you," and I knew He meant it
because I knew he knew I meant it.

And Jesus doesn't have very nice hair.
I ought to know. I brought Him lunch yesterday.
I approached her with a sandwich and a bottle of water
as she sat there idly with a cup that said "I'M JUST HUNGRY."
I knelt beside her on the street corner
deposited her meal on the ground and said "I brought you lunch."
she said nothing, just stared at me with sunken eyes.
I only had a bit of cash left on me, but I tucked eight dollars
into another Bible and said, "I give this in the Name of Jesus
and I want you to know Jesus loves you."

Those sunken eyes suddenly came to life
weary fingers clutched the sandwich, finally accepting my deposit
and she whispered, "Thank you. Thank you. God bless you."
I stood and because I didn't know what else to say I replied
"I hope you have a nice lunch."
And as I walked away I realized I didn't even

I rush home and weep and promise myself
I'll never buy a designer bag or a brand new car
or expensive shoes or a meal at a shnazzy restaurant
or a season of a TV show I don't need*
or a brand new, top-of-the-line iPod**
or another dress I don't need***
because I don't know if I've ever truly seen Jesus
drive around in a Cadillac
or reach into His pocket for a fat wallet
or spend the night at a ritzy hotel
or upgrade to the flashiest tablet.****

But I have seen Him at the corner of Michigan Ave
and Lake Street
silently suffering as do-gooders toss coins at Him and say "God bless you"
without really getting the point.

*not that I've done this before.
**or this.
***or this.

The End

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