Home is whenever I create.

Whenever I feel out of place in this world, misunderstood by my peers and family, and perturbed in my mind when I am strolling down the path of Life the only thing left to do is create. Create can be anything from reading a book when tucked comfortably under loads of quilts in the armchair in a winter night, to drawing nature under the shade of the great oak tree in my garden in springtime, to playing my guitar to the rhythm of a windy day, and to writing my ideas and creations into paper having the rain as inspiration.

Before reaching this conclusion I used to be a nagger and constantly telling my mother what I did not like about this world and my life. She always told me, "Then create your own happy world, when you feel overwhelmed by reality make an escape to your world, but do not forget to visit reality once in a while." My mother, she is so special, I am not with her anymore and I miss her, she has always been my "cushion" in tough times.

Right now, I am away from my family. Sometimes I feel alone even though I have made new friends in a total different and interesting place.  When the pressure is too great the only thing I need to do is pick up a pen or pencil and start creating- stories, drawings, compositions, etc. Anything counts, the important thing is getting my mind busy and engaged in what I enjoy doing.


The End

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