Home is where I can feel safe and secure.

Parents provide a sanctuary and sibling provide company. Without their support I do not know where I would be today.But there is one thing that tops the rest which make reality melt away. It is hard for me because of my present situation to experience these feelings but music is my life.

When I take out my instruments the warm feelings of happiness, security and achievement floods into my mind. This was an important part of my life until I moved from home. Now without them I feel lost and unable to cope. But I know that they are always there for me when I really need them and they will never leave me.

Music helps me to relax and reflect on days gone by, but most of all it helps me express who I am even if my housemates do not understand it. My one wish in life is to be able to play my music whenever I want, where ever I want. Home is my music, music is my home.

The End

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