Holy Sh*t! It's the NEWS!

And this just in folks: the amateur writer and all-around good guy C Withey is back from the humdrums of a world without internet--that's right folks, you heard it here first: there was a survivor, a lone, brave soul who had survived the confines of an unconnected world and would live to tell the tale.  Stay tuned for further developments on this breaking story as only the Information Nexus can tell it.

Anybody remember me?  Been a while.  I'll have to slowly try to reassert my presence here; I had had quite a fun time sharing and meeting the natives here on Protagonize until AT&T decided to let the online world pass me by.

I'll be submitting more content to the stories I have started (which likely have been forgotten by all), finishing off what I have of Savage and possibly more of Everman, though I haven't received any feedback on it.  It's too long to be an e-book like this.

Any that do remember me, for reasons better or worse, please drop me a comment on here, reassure me that my place in the writing world has not gone to waste.

I'd also encourage anyone and everyone to go back and add to the stories I've contributed to, or am waiting on a response for.  Whatever happened to Black and White or the Rambling Man folk tale, anywho?

I'm in college now, majoring in Business Management.  Freshman year.  I'm employed for the school (MOTT Community college, Flint, MI).  By a twist of fate and gnashing teeth, myself and my dearly Ladyfriend were Not evicted, and we may actually, with time and luck, start ending up outside of the hole, instead of in it, when it comes to our monthly budgets.

The End

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