You left him, he made you cry. But you told him to spread his wings and to let him fly. You lost everything but when you woke up with nothing you said 'I'll tell you something, if you've got nothing, you've got nothing to loose'.

He left a hole in your heart, you left a hole in his head, but you both left a hole in both of your beds'. You try and tell yourself that life carries on but the dreams fade away in your head. And while you struggle sleeping, he's up all night freezing, and it was your choice to leave it instead

If you carry on this way, that boy will never come back and when you pretend that your fine like no end then you'll be kicking yourself all the time. You say 'the world's just a puppy and the doors are double locked so why you got to worry me for' well girl I'll let you, you'll have no one by your side and you'll have more trouble sleeping at night.


The End

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