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Something I wrote for my mid-year English exam (got an A for this piece, hehe!) . Thought of sharing it on here. :D
Oh and it's a true story! :D

The only original wonder of the world that is present to this day is located in Egypt: the Pyramids of Giza. This historical site is not only brilliant to look at but the story behind its creation is magnificent. Ancient pharoahs, kings, queens and many other significant figures in time had once walked upon the sandy surfaces of the desert. The very thought was exciting and caused a thrill to spark inside of me. I was visiting the magical pyramids of Giza.

Many tourists have come and gone to the ciy of Cairo but having lived there for five years, I had gotten used to the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Yet the pounding of my heart against my chest was never a stranger to me when I visited the pyramids. the heat of the scorching sun above me beat down on my back everytime I got out of the car but my eyes raked over the setting in excitement.

The tall and monumental pyramids stood before me in all their magnificence. The radiant rays of the sun reflected off the golden-colored stones that made up the towering structure before me. Through the particles of sand and dust floating in the air, everyone's eyes still stayed wide in amazement at the sight. Great tombs and treasures lay inside of the pyramids; the gifts bestowed to the Kings for their afterlives. There were stories of tomb raiders and cunning traps set to catch and punish them. It all added to the greatness of the historical area.

A tour guide showed the way around, leading us to the different pyramids scattered across the Sahara. Some of us got to travel on camels (dromedary to be exact), their humpbacks barely but a 'comfortable' seat. I imagined a time, many millenias ago. A time when slaves carried out their duties as they lugged about their heavy loads and did their daily routines. I imagined the kings and higher status peoples, riding on their golden chariot as they looked down with steely eyes and proud smiles. It felt like an honour to even stand on the floor at this time, centuries later. This floor, on which royalty had presented itself. The history of the pyramids was enthralling for a commoner like me who lived in a different age.

Even though I had visited the site a fair number of times, the excitement I felt was always as fresh as the last. The realistic sense and the history that the sight of the pyramids presented to me was truly enchanting.

There is no questioning why the Pyramids of Giza is one of the wonders of the world. The story and historical significance it provides to me and the rest of humanity will never die away.

The End

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