His Name

"It was the most cliché moment, but that was the way I had always imagined it."

Demetri Jonathan Scott.

    That was his name. The name I recited at least a million times in my head. The name written on every single piece of paper I’ve laid hands on. The name that made my stomach turn cartwheels just hearing it.

Anastasia Faith Daley

    That’s my name. The name he’s probably never heard before in his life. The name that, even if he had heard it, he wouldn’t remember. The name that was so insignificant to him that he probably would not care in the slightest if he was told that I was dead.

    The day he learned my name was the day that changed everything. I was down the shore for the summer. I was in my temporary bedroom, typing on my brand new laptop. Golden sunlight sparkled through the open window and a salty breeze would occasionally float into the room. After a few more minutes I had to strain myself in order to concentrate on the story I was currently composing. Writers block. I grabbed my sneakers and pulled my semi-long, blonde hair into a ponytail and headed out the door. Jogging helped me clear my head, especially at the shore. The salty air helps me to stay lucid, everything seemed so simple at the beach. The little things in life stood out, like the soft sound of the waves rippling onto the shore, the smooth pavement underneath the rubber soles of my sneakers, the robin’s-egg-blue color of the sky, and the pure white curves of the clouds against it. I rounded the corner and suddenly bumped right into someone. We both were knocked to the ground from the impact. Embarrassed I began to stutter.

    “Sorry- I- I’m…” I looked up.

    “Jeez, I’m sorry.” Demetri said apologetically. His auburn curls glowed in the sunlight and his eyes seemed golden. He held out a hand to me. As I took it I had to hold back an ecstatic grin. My heart pounded in my chest. He pulled me back up and steadied me.

    “Thanks Demetri.” I said, graciously.

    “No pro…” he stopped. “How did you know my name?” he questioned.

    “Uh, we go to the same school.” I informed him, biting my lip.

    “Oh.” He said sheepishly, kicking at the concrete. To my immense surprise we’d gotten into a conversation, and actual conversation! We walked while we talked and soon enough we ended up on the beach. He held my hand, he hadn’t let go of it since helping me up off the sidewalk. It was so natural. We were so in sync with each other, in our thoughts, our words, and our actions. We sat in the sand, facing the ocean.

    It was the most cliché moment, but that was the way I had always imagined it. We sat in the white sand, gazing out toward the sun setting over the ever-changing water, hands clasped. We looked at each other. I looked at his perfect eyes, his crooked smile, and the freckles splashed on his cheeks. He leaned in and so did I. He gently laid a hand on my chin and pulled my lips back up to meet his. That kiss was perfect. That moment was perfect. That sunset was perfect. He was perfect.

Demetri Jonathan Scott, that was his name.

The End

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