Hiding Myself from the WorldMature

     Big eyes, nice breasts, fine ass, cute smile as long as i don't show my teeth right? I don't know, I mean everyone says Im gorgeous, I'm pretty, that they wish they were me. I just dont get it. I dont think i ever had. I'd be nothing without my tight clothes and eyeliner. Oh yea and the many masks I wear.  I hide who i am and I pretend to have confidence.

     Its not that difficult. I've always been told to suck it up and be tough so i do. I never let anyone see the cuts on my arms, my wrist, my shoulders, my legs. People think they know me that they see whats wrong that i wear on my skin for the world to see. But i dont i space out and they think Ill just tell them whats on my mind. Well I lie them something small so they will leave me alone.

     Whore trash worthless, they will never know how deep the names Ive been called sting. But I just brush them off and put on another mask. One more, who will know? No one but me. I cant even count how many I've worn over the years. Few had been taken off thanks to two people in my life. Dallas, my first true love, and Aaron, the one who loves me now. Dallas has helped more than anyone, Aaron tries his best. But no matter how many they help me take of there are still so many with more each and everyday.

     I won't touch a bottle not like my friends do. I dont smoke either. maybe thats part of my problem. I dont have an escape like they do. I talk to Dallas he helps. Aaron like i says tries but with little success, if any. (Sorry baby but its true) He just doesn't know me like Dallas does. No one knows me like Dallas does.

     But thats my fault for hiding. I know it is. I just wish i knew what to do.

The End

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