Hiding Behind The Stitches

The Stitches that hold me together

Are getting ready to break

I’m not sure how much more I can take



Everything I do is wrong

How many more times will my life play this God awful song


The Ribbons

That hold the tear

Are straining under the weight they bear


I’m tired

Of silently carrying this load

My heart is going to explode


My Friends, My Family

My feelings I don’t dare

But here, with an unknown audience, I share


I know I shouldn’t

Bottle the Pain and Hurt away

I always think I’ll deal with it later, someday



The pressure is building deep inside

The tears are burning behind my eyes


And people ask me

Cross my invisible line

I’m miserable and broken, the teenage equivalent of ‘I’m Fine’


I can feel it

Its pressing down inside my head

My very footsteps feel dead


Behind the Façade

I am uncertain

Because sometimes light slips through the curtain


I am so afraid

Of what they would say

If they saw me backed in the corner this way




And so

I put away the Pen

Trapped in my personal Lion’s Den


Through Another

Day I Plod

Only God knowing I’m a Fraud


Give me the strength

To carry on

For Only I Can Change My Song                                                        

The End

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