hide and seek

a story of love and heroism

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. i moved to answer the door,and there he was ,Gregor and his friend Owen."hey Arianne we were wondering if you would like to come out with us,to play hide and seek in the dark?"Gregor asked."sure"i replied."o and ask Finn."he said"yo Finn do you want to play hide and seek!" i shouted..."erm yer sure i'll play come on then".So off we walked all four of us down to the pier. i couldn't stop blushing with Gregor here but i was always happy around him. Owen wasn't saying much so the rest of us talked away.as we passed Rachels house we all looked at it in disgust we hated her (well me and Gregor did)she treated us badly and didn't care.

The End

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