A Kimiyo generally lives in the forest, but sometimes they'll go and live in the city(this is not very common). They're very peaceful beings, and generally care more about animals, living species, plant life and the planet more that their own kind, or even humans or other races. They speak Kimiyomish as their primary language, although most also know Chinese, German, and English.

 Kimiyo's have pointed ears, that can be 1 inch longer than the average human's ear. They've got small feathery wings that grow on the sides of their heads; their at the same height as your eyebrows, and are above the ears. Their nails(and toenails) grow pointed, and can be as sharp as claws.


 Elves, harpies


 Nature, quiet, wind/fresh air


 Electronics, fire

Specialties/Abnormalities To Humans

 Can survive up to four weeks without food or water. Slightly more sensitive to touch than humans. Nails grow faster than human's. 


 They cannot fly with their wings. If a Kimiyo ever decides to live outside the forest with humans, they will usually cut off their wings so they fit into society better. It takes years for their wings to grow back, though they are fully grown by the time they are a year old. It is common for Kimiyo to have brown hair and blue eyes.


The End

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