Just a little summary on the different races I've invented for the purpose of my stories and such. These are my creations and made strictly for my own personal use, alone. You must ASK ME if you wish to use any.

 Royals are creatures that slaughter humans just for the joy of it, and are very cruel and dangerous creatures of the night. They wish to take over the human world and enslave all humans. They're dark, mean, and vicious. Females are extremely possessive of their Royal boyfriends or their mates. When a Royal dates another race, such as a human, they're called mates. They're irresistibly attracted to blood. *For the most part, they blend in perfectly with society and humans.

 They've got big black wings, dark eyes, nails, and hair. Pale skin, sharp fangs, and a tattoo of a crescent moon on their left shoulder. They're extremely attractive and appealing to both other Royals, and humans(No info for other races). 


 Dark angels, vampires, succubus', demons, incubus'


 Blood, darkness, excitement,


 Water, dirt, uncleanliness, sunlight

Specialties/Abnormalities To Humans

 Fly, see in the dark, never sweat or get tired, see well in the dark, rely on blood, live forever, gain muscle easier, inhumanely beautiful/sexy/cute, burn easier, **special abilities unique to the individual.


 On the rare occasion, a Royal could be born with grey, tan, white, and moderate peach skin tones. They could also be born with blonde or white hair, and white or grey pupils and nails. They can dye and bleach their hair, wear contacts, pierce and stretch their skin, but cannot tan. Their wings can be tightly hidden by wearing a special kind of binder/concealer, that goes directly over their wings to 'fill in the blanks' on their backs, and only covers their back. It is put on sort of like a magnet, sticking tightly to their bodies and is taken off the same way you would pull two magnets apart. 

*Unless mentioned otherwise
**This is not usually included when referring to Royals, unless clearly stated/mentioned. Unique to the situation.

The End

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