somethings wrongMature

"Wow he is too good to be true" mumbled Eldwine to Saskia as she replied with a nod, to me he seemed to be wrong. Don't know how but something about him just wasn't normal.

"So have you unpacked in your dorm?"Asked Saskia

"Not really I just dumped my stuff on my bed" I replied making them laugh.

"I'm so glad we're all in the same dorm, its a bit strange how there is an empty bed though but you know means more room for us!"Said Eldwine

"Ya I'm suprised since the school is full up I thought there wouldn't be a spare bed" I said agreeing.I lookeds over to the populars to see them ALL flirting with him for gods sake! They annoy me so much! I mean ya I know he's gorgeous and those eyes just draw you in but seriously! Noone even knows him! "He's a bit dodgy me thinks" I blurt out. Saskia and Eldwine stare at me like I'm an idiot. And as if he heard me he turns towards me and smiles but his eyes are sad, hurt for a flash second but thats impossible its just my mind he couldn't have heard me hes more than 10 feet away and there is so much noise!

Saskia and Eldwine were still staring at me when the bell rang and I turned to get my stuff. "What?!?" I said

The End

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