As soon as he said that the bell rang and I turned away quickly to glace at the bell and when I turned back he had dissapeared "well bye then" I mumbled to myself turning to face my freinds. "I don't really appreciate you guys laughing at me while I'm talking to a hottie" I said as they recovered themselves from all that laughing. "Well we better get to form" said Eldwine as we started getting our stuff. We were sitting in form when our form tutor says "We have 2 new students in our class, their names are Kaleb and..." please dont say Jaden, please don't say Jaden I thought to myself cause then he would find out I'm not popular"..Jaden"

Shit I thought as he, the hottie walked in and for a moment our eyes met but then his dashed away landing on a spare seat next to Alexer, the pretty blonde who sat next to all the guys. Next thing he did suprised me most he pulled out a yellow rose and handed it to her making my mouth drop.

The End

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