and you are?Mature

As I was saying it was the first day of the year and I was going to meet my freinds Eldwine and Saskia who are tall and very pretty but in different way Eldwine was unusually pretty was dark brown wavy hair where as Saskia was model quality perfectly proportioned. "Hi guys!" I shouted and waved at them, they replied with a smile and a wave back. "Have you seen the new boy?" Eldwine said and shifted her head towards him. "He's so yummy mmm-mmmm" said Saskia as Eldwine agreed. I looked over and  had to agree he had dark brown mop like hair up to wear his jaw line started, his facial features so strong, his jawline so definate, his muscular frame showing through his uniform, His green eyes looked like they had seen so much and he was tall not just for me but Eldwine height which was pretty damn impressive. "Whats his name, any extra info?" I asked curious and unwillingly turning my gaze away from him. "We don't know news hasn't got to us yet" Saskia said sadly.I turned around to look at him again but instead he was standing right infornt of me. "Hello megan" He said starteling me "Hi and you are?" I replied trying to sound as confident as possible after his scare. Eldwine and Saskia were still laughing at me from just about jumping out of my skin.Which I so didn't appreciate."Oh sorry I should've introduced myself my name is Jaden"

The End

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