some how I knew I was different but this I didn't expect I mean finding out your insane is one thing but this, this is awesome.

My name is Megan and to be honest I'm a bit of a geek sure I got more freinds than a geek usually has and I don't wear glasses or have braces. I just have a hamster working hard in my head( so not literally) but ya... I'm a bit of a bright spark and even though I say so myself I pretty damn good looking. I have blue eyes which clash with my dark brown hair, live in England and I have a huge secret.

I just went to school like any other day and met up with my best freinds you know pretending that I've never had nightmares which I do. Every night. All I can see is black feathers; overly grown black feathers and blood, so much hate. So much beauty. How could that be? How could they be existing right next to eachother? I knew dreams ment something, so this one had to have a meaning but what? These are the questions I ponder every night.

The End

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