this will probably sound really stupid

****you DO NOT have to read this if you do not wish****

back story:  I went through a thing, and i was felling upset about a recent event in my life....It is going to sound really stupid, but I took an object that had pointed edges, and i "cut" myself....now, i put it in quotations because there was no blood, but there were visible separations in the skin

now, I have not told anyone this, except for one person....and that person, i trusted enough to tell, a couple of days after it happened.  he asked to see, so i showed him, and he told me that it "didn't count" because there was no blood..........see? this sounds really stupid, but it hurt to hear him say that, because i trusted him enough to tell him, and he just let me down.....

that is all, i am so very sorry you had to read this, if you did.

The End

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