My Science Teacher is an a**Mature

Honestly I had the worst science teacher in the world! normally i would care if i had a bad teacher but he invaded in my personal life! everyday in class he would let a certain group of students in my class take out their cell phones and play on them while we either watched doctor who or he ranted about how God wasn't real and Christianity is all wrong etc. If i got my phone out once i would get yelled at or a detention. I was never aloud to use the bathroom in his class. One day i was reading a book while he was playing doctor who and  he walked up to me and said "would you like to go to the library. you are disrupting me." i asked him how i was disrupting him when i was just reading a book and he answered with "You need to be paying attention. You only read stories because you can't follow this.It's not even an educational book. It is useless just like all you're conversations with your friends" That was his way of calling me stupid.  I'm a  straight A student. he also told me and my friend how we are worthless. "You keep talking about the things you do in the hallway you are going to be really shocked when you go to high school. Not one thing intelligent comes out of your mouths. You keep thinking like that you will just continue to be worthless and not go anywhere in your future life" The worst thing was when he was talking about people having diabetes. He asked the class if we knew anyone who had diabetes. I raised my hand and he said "Of course you do." I asked what that was supposed to mean and he said "Who has diabetes?" i said my dad and he said "Well he probablly wouldn't have it if he took better care of himself." My dad does take care of himself. He eats right and he works out. And it's honestly none of his business.  He also called my pap a worthless old man. I don't know what i did to him to make him hate me. He was like that the first day of school. Maybe it is because i have black hair and like slipknot and i don't wear clothes from aeropostal or american eagle. Maybe it's because i play soccer (if you play soccer in my school distict you are a loser even though we are the only sport with a team that went undefeated) and don't cheerlead. What ever it is, i hope he reads this!!! I HATE YOU MR.*@)!(#

thanks for letting me vent!

The End

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