You ever have one of those days, where nothing seems to go right. Or there are issues you just want to let out but cant because when you try to it doesnt come out right, or the people you try to tell either give you a very long delay to responding or just give one letter reponces that make you feel like why bother?

I mean my sister has just shut herself off from me atm, cant get through to her. My parents are away on holiday so no chance on getting them to help. Work is piling up to a level where last week gave me a total breakdown and still not gotten around to do the work so i know it will happen again. I try to tell people. But i completly fail at that, instead going more and more down and snapping at them and withdrawing away until the guilt over powers me and i make it all my fault agian.

And all i really want to do, it slap my self really hard. Tell myself toget over it and go back to being bouncey again. Sure will get there in a day or so just hate this period when it kicks in and when i look around to talk to people they have vanished or to busy.

Sorry bit of a random rant from a new guy but just needed it out. Can remove if needed i guess.

The End

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