To Some, 1000 Words of NonsenseMature

First of all, I think this is a really, really good idea! For people like me, who don't really have anyone to tell their problems to, this is perfect!

From primary 5 until late 2nd year (that is, from when I was 9 until I was 13, and I'm 14 now), I had been bullied by one boy. We'll call him Stuart. Stuart would torment me every day, and his friends would join in to pick at me. As a result, I was quiet at school, and at home I would shout at my parents most days. I was a really angry person when I was being bullied. I used to write poetry after school. I look at it now and cringe, but it helped at the time.

So when I was going into high school, I thought I was going to get away from him. With 4 houses in the high school, each with 2 classes each, I was sure that with 8 whole classes, there was a very, VERY small chance that we'd be in the same class.

Of course, since it's me, no such luck. I was in the same registration class as him, and as a direct consequence of that, we had many of the same classes together. This was unbearable for me for all of 1st year, but I didn't go to guidance, for fear of being bullied even more than usual.

Late on in 2nd year, in History one day, I was put in a group with him. The bullying had got so bad, that if he spoke to me, I literally felt like crying. I refused to look at him. Unsurprisingly, he called me an attention seeker, criticising my sensitivity. And I did start crying. Miss Kemp, my teacher at the time, took me out of class and told me to go to guidance.

I told Mr Haggart what had been happening, and that it had been happening for 4 years. Mr Haggart said that he would speak to Stuart, and get him to stop bullying me.

For the remainder of 2nd year, I stayed with my class friend Isobel, and my best friend ever (for she has always stayed with me), Alice. Alice wasn't in any of my classes, so I only saw her at break and lunch time. Now she's in just one of my classes, English.

I didn't expect it to last long, though. Conner, Stuart's friend, started to bully me again. It tore me apart when I was being bullied.

Going onto a slightly different topic, Mr Hunter, my Maths teacher, said hello to me every day he saw me. It actually started when I was standing alone, and when I was looking around, he happened to catch my gaze, and I hid behind my sheet of paper and said "Please stop looking at me!". He laughed at me, and proceeded to say hello to me whenever we met each other.

Mr Hunter is a really nice guy, but he could sense how inadequate I felt around him, so whenever he said hello to me, I would blush and look away. I think he liked making me feel silly. We had a really strange way of speaking to each other, when I think back. It was that he would make fun of me (which I didn't mind), and then I would go red and look to the ground. He took some kind of pleasure in laughing at me. Still, he was actually really kind and funny.

In 2nd year however, I was feeling good because I wasn't being bullied and I started to say hello back to him. I would smile at him and he would smile back at me. It was lovely, and it made me really happy to see him.

Back onto the topic, since I was being bullied by Conner, I stopped smiling at him. I didn't say hello to him either. He still tried to speak to me, however, which I appreciated, though, wrapped up in my problems, I didn't reciprocate.

One day when I was extremely unhappy because of the bullying, he said goodbye to me, and for reasons I still don't understand, I turned around to him and said "I really hate you, sometimes." I didn't hate him at all, but I was feeling so bad that I couldn't help it. I was relieved that he laughed it off.

I did go to guidance again, and that was when it stopped. I guess I feel kind of happy that Mr Hunter spoke to me, because if he didn't speak to me that day, I wouldn't have realised how badly I felt. The bullying stopped completely there, for which I was thankful.

Mr Hunter, though, had a child. Over the winter, his child got pneumonia, and he passed away just before Christmas. As a result, he hasn't been at school. He hasn't returned, even now. I do miss speaking to him, but I have to move on, I guess.

I've actually forgotten the point of this. This isn't a rant at all. This is a bunch of things that happened to me in digital format. Sorry to all you people who were hoping for something interesting. For those of you who care, some say that Mr Hunter will return after the Easter break. I'm not sure that he will, though.

Maybe it would make you all feel better to know that I really do feel better having written this. It has helped me think about some things. And maybe that doesn't make you feel better at all. Perhaps to some, this is just 1000 words of nonsense!

The End

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