Stressed? You bet.Mature

WEll, I know I can sometimes be a complainer. I mean, earlier I complained about something stupid like having to play the piano. (Which by the way, I am really enjoying) But today is not a good day for me. AT all. I woke up yesterday with insanely itchy eyes. Thinking it woud go away, I ignored them. But I went home from school and found out I had pink eye. Now I can't do anything. I can't watch tv, I can't even read. I'm jus supposed to sit there and rest my eyes. I'm not even supposed to be in here looking at the computer screen. But I just had to say something, or I think I would end up short a sibling.

Pink eye is the least of my worries. I can't seem to have time for anything. Short stories, book critiques, math assignments, and biology projects, all have to be done in one day! I've got so much homework I'm about ready to rip my hair out. I'm trying my best, but somehow I can't see mto get anything right. Now my mom's on my case because my grades are slipping. It wouldn't be the first time. I'm finding myself very argumentive at home. My parents are always yelling at me, and I always have this stupid emotional breakdown. I dont know what my problem is. MY parents say it's just hormones, but I think I'm just so stressed out I need to go scream at somebody every once and a while.

Friends is another problem. One of my friends are having some family problems. Her mom is fighting with her boyfriend, again. Even though I hardly know her parents, I know her, and seeing her have to struggle through this makes me feel depressed. I want to help her, but I have no idea how to respond to it. Her mom's boyfriend is the closest thing to a dad she's ever had, and now she's losing him too. And now she is depressed, which makes me fee ldepressed.

Overall, I just am having some problems with my own identity. I don't know wh oI am, or what I'll ever amount to be. Sure, I'm smart, but when it comes to friendship, that can get you nowhere. I've been practically clinging to my one friend, but now even she seems to be drifting apart from me. I don't know wha tto do.

The End

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