Mother/boyfriend issues. What a joy!Mature

So I am ill once again; a d*mn cold, cough and whatever. I'm coughing so much that I have a really bad chest as well and I keep coughing stuff up (though luckily not a lung :-p ) All night every night I'm laid in bed awake, coughing still, trying to do it quietly because I know that I'm keeping my family awake, and all the time thinking why the hell do I have to be ill? This isn't fair. I know that other people get ill as well,  I just hate being ill because it is always my throat and chest that get it. :-/

I've still not been home in like 3 weeks, and I've just spoken to my mum for the first time in pretty much the same span of time. We were civil and gave eachother an update, even if the entire time I just wanted  to yell down the phone why don't you care? . Now I'm stuck feeling rubbish still, because despite the fact that she called me, it wasn't to talk to me, it was to find out if my nan had already gone to bed. She came up earlier to bring up rabbit food for nan and didn't even bother to say hi to me. Once again yesterday she skipped out on me for my concert. I swear she's not heard me sing/play anything properly in years. Last night, I thought that for the first time in I don't know how long, I might have all of my family there to see me. Instead, I found out an hour before the concert that she wasn't coming. Again. Do  you know how much that hurt? Sure, my dad, step-mum and nan came, but I wanted my mum there, for once. My boyfriend was there as well, and I had finally gotten together the courage to introduce him to my mum, seeing as he's met my dad/step-mum/nan. He wants to meet her as well, despite my reservations. It would have been a great end to the evening, as I really did enjoy the evening otherwise, as I'm sure that mum would like him, if only she gave him a chance. He's nothing like she seems to think. I know she probably just worries because of the sort of things she got up to, but I'm not her. She doesn't seem to realise that. I'm not going out getting drunk/high, smoking, having sex or anything. Dad and Jane (step-mum) both like him, as does nan, it's just mum that hasn't met him, yet has already started acting like she doesn't like him. I'm so happy with him. I want her to see and accept that. She doesn't even know that we've been together for 4 months next monday. She thinks it's about 1 or 2. :-/ That'll be interesting to explain. I spend so much time with his family lately, well not tons, but like, I go over on sundays for a family meal and just some time out. We sit together, eat, sing, play various instruments, chat, just relax. I want to be able to have Rhys over so that we can have that at my home, but I'm not even sure I can call it that, seeing as I've not been there all that much and I don't really feel welcome. :-/ xxx

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